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Re: Kirk's status, new timeline- Really so far off? (Contains spoilers

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If he really is a "cadet" who takes command... they'll be slapping the audience in the face by doing so... especially those of us who've served.
Did you serve in Starfleet?
I'm not going to discount the possibility that Kirk really will be an underclassman cadet who takes command of the Enterprise...

...but if he does, I hope the writers/director give me a damn good and believable reason for his doing so. I personally can't think of a good enough reason (but then again I'm not a screenwriter)

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I'm fully aware that to properly judge things that we all must see the movie first and give it a chance. However, I was thinking that the 'new' Enterprise and stuff we've seen looks quite advanced to be honest and hi-tech. What I mean by that is that if the time line has been changed then surely it's been changed for the worst.

The attack on the Kelvin could severely injure or kill a member of the crew who had influence in future Enterprise and thus the design/technology used is different...
This could be. However, I don't need (nor want) an in-universe explanation as to why the Enterprise looks different. It's enough for me that this is a film made in 2008, thus the set design and art direction would of course be different than a TV show made in 1966.

I think an in-film explanation is unnecessary and may bog the film down.
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