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Re: Kirk's status, new timeline- Really so far off? (Contains spoilers

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AFAIK, he hasn't graduated yet. And even so, who have we ever seen graduate as a Lieutenant?
I was offered to graduate as a Lieutenant if I went into the real U.S. Navy, and that was mainly for testing well on the ASVAB. So I'm thinking it isn't that far-fetched.
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Entertainment Weekly Magazine wrote:
"Black is apparently the color of space cadets in Abrams' universe"
Some here seem to be hanging an awful lot off of this, but Entertainment Weekly isn't a fanzine, it's meant for general consumption. For all we know, they meant "space cadet" as in "get yet head out of the clouds, space cadet", and not as in any sort of actual rank. Seems a lot more likely to me, in fact, since Starfleet cadets are "cadets", and not "space cadets".

Could it be that the black outfit is some sort of more temperature regulated uniform for hostile environments, like the cold area he is shown in in one scene in the trailer?
Yes -- Like I said, there has been no official word from anyone associated with the film that Kirk is in black because he is a "cadet" (I mean underclassman cadet). Kurtzman only said "there is a reason" he is in black, but he didn't give the reason...and EW magazine doesn't count as "official", nor was their comment straightforward enough to be meaningful.

As others have said, Kirk could be in black for many reasons -- Command School, Academy Instructor, its an undershirt (although Kurtzman would be a bit misleading if he meant 'undershirt' was a "reason")
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