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World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie Wars

I'm a huge fan of post-apocalyptic fiction, and zombies in particular, so this book was a must-read for me. I read it the first time about a year ago, and was very impressed.

It basically takes place in the aftermath of a global zombie apocalypse and stars the author, Max Brooks, travelling the globe and talking to survivors of 'World War Z' about their experiences. The book takes the form of a series of interviews (which, to be honest, are basically just monologues) arranged chronologically from patient zero in China, the spread of the 'disease' to Africa and the Americas via the black market organ trade, the gradual spread across Europe and the United States, the 'Great Panic' when the military spectacularly failed to contain the threat and all hell broke lose, and so on right through to its conclusion.

It's horrifying, but not in the usual way. It takes itself quite seriously and outlays a course of events in a fashion that might be believable if you can accept the absurdity of the premise.

It's a great read, and highly recommend it to everyone. Also, there's a film version in the works for a 2010 release, which should prove interesting.
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