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Re: Kirk's status, new timeline- Really so far off? (Contains spoilers

Im seeing alot of stuff about that black uniform, so let me toss in my 2 cents. it has already been stated that the uniforms being worn in the movie are a 2 piece set. Its a Blue/red/gold over coat being worn over a BLACK shirt, in a way similar to how there was an over jacket being worn with the First Contact uniforms. It is very possible that Kirk (in a manner that is very fitting with his character) is simply just not wearing the gold overcoat, and just has the black shirt on display. I doubt it is a cadet uniform since it has already been displayed that the cadet uniform is a red jumpsuit style clothing.

The biggest difference with the tops is that they are comprised of two pieces, with a very dark grey (almost black) undershirt and the over shirt of the appropriate color, with a slight v-neck. The undershirt forms what looks like a black collar, similar to the TOS uniforms. As TrekMovie’s closer look at the new poster reveals (above), the colored uniform blouses have small ‘delta shield’ emblems woven into the fabric (this is most apparent on Saldana’s). Also, the shirt Chris Pine is wearing in the new poster appears to be uniform undershirt
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