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Re: What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

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Firstly, I have to voice my support for the growly-Batman voice. It never annoyed me.
I always figured it was supposed to sound fake. He's often talking to people who know his real voice - he's trying to distort it.

I agree with those who said the movie was too long. I'm not against long movies in principle, but I don't think The Dark Knight needed to be that long. There was a repetative pattern of "Joker does horrible thing, good guys scramble to respond."
The movie did feel long, but in one respect, I liked that. Most of the recent superhero movies have time for two encounters between foes. At the end of Spiderman, for instance, we're supposed to care about this grand rivalry that's just started. At the end of TDK, when Batman says "It's never simple with the Joker", they actually have a history. They've each won some and lost some, and the movie managed to preserve some of that history that a serial form usually manages better than a movie.

I thought Two Face rang completely false - I never bought that Dent would let the Joker live, or start flipping a coin to choose his actions. It was dictacted by the plot and the metaphor at the expense of the character.
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