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Re: How to create a Cardassian?

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Why not cannibalize a pre-made Cardassian mask?
I don't think that would work on a woman. I think sizing would be likely to be an issue--not to mention the differences in ridge shading and so on.

I AM starting to get some ideas from here and other places how I MIGHT be able to pull it off...but we'll see. It all depends on what happens when I manage to put a final cost on it. If it's too expensive, I'm going to have to put it off until next year (or a Halloween debut at the soonest).
Well, that's why I suggested "cannibalizing" it. Cut off the ridges, glue them to your face, and then use makeup to blend to your skin. Slightly more advanced would be to mould new latex pieces from the mask.

Here is another mask -- I can't tell if it is the same company or not:
I didn't even know they made Cardie masks...
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