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What do you mean? The alternate version of The Merchant of Venice? The divergence was much earlier than that, at least up until the alternate Plato's Republic.
I think it may have been the Iliad, actually--an act of mercy from Achilles that was omitted in the MU version.
Yup; in this version, Akilles kills Priam after the old man comes to beg to get Hektor's body back and give him an appropriate burial. That said, I don't think variations in literature (particularly one already so bloody-minded as the Iliad) can account for the MU's divergeance, nor do I think they necessary indicate when the timeline diverged. I think it's possible and I daresay likely that a civilization like this one would have no problem going back and editing classic works of literature to something more to their taste.
I agree that's possible. But what's telling is that the edits are more and more subtle as you go further back in time. If you go by the theory that these were redactions from a later time period rather than some divergence that started subtly thousands of years ago and got worse as time went on, I am curious to know--what do you use to explain that progressive divergence? Why not simply redact it all with the same heavy-handedness?

(I do not remember that line about the Eugenics Wars in Dark Mirror, BTW, but that's not saying it wasn't there.)
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