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Post your youtube vids

Hi ya peeps, Any of you have any youtube vid about anything, plz post them here. Not only youtube, but no sex, gore and bad taste sh*t, only decent stuff plz


To start

this is my enterprise tribute, I really liked this show, OK, I know some of you hated it and that's ok, but I was quited sadden when they canceled the show and this is how I felt when I made this vid. Music is by Ludovico Enaudi, I Giorni (Days) brilliant piece of piano work, something I tried to lern, and quite difficult to play, I always miss few notes

Here is another Star Trek tribute, it is overall tribute to all star trek movies and tv shows. music is by English Rose Sarah Class, piece is called Astralucia from Album Aurora Cantamus.

And 3rd but not last, this is my tribute to legends of Star Trek that have passed away. Music is by Alan Silverstri and piece was originally composed for the movie Forest Gump.

my youtube account simgadraco2005

plz see my other vids and comment if you like them
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