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Re: Sex, Speeding, Smoking, Trip Tucker, Drinking, Canon ...

Sex - Why not?
Speeding - To be fair, speed limits are usually 20mph slower than max safe speed... just don't ride my ass when I go the limit.
Smoking - It's your call. Just don't do it around me or where it can effect me.
Trip Tucker - NOT. DEAD.
Drinking - Not a drinker, but I've got nothing against it. Just don't drink'n'drive
Canon - If you can do a good job within canon, great. If you have to dump canon to make a good story, also great
Blu-Ray - Someday, I may start upgrading... just don't make my DVD collection go away!
Barack Obama - nothing against him, I hope he does well, but this has all the disaster potential of electing a Jew to run Germany: sure, most will be fine with it, but there's still enough crazy bastards who want to take a shot of him.
Trek XI - Uber-excited
Women's Rights - They deserve 'em.
Men's Rights - Take them away! Lock men away in a hole forever! Don't let them... oh, wait a minute...
Jennifer Lien - Meh, she was ok
Peeing in the shower - If that's what blows your skirt up
Gays in Trek - Why not
Gay Rights - Are they hurting you? No. Are they hurting me? No. Let them have at it.
Gay Marriage - See above
Urinal etiquette - Don't buddy up to strangers (or even your buddies)
Macs and PCs - PC
Illegal Downloading - Don't so it
Cat declawing - Nothing against it
UGO ads - More annoying than family
Spanking Children - Do it
Spanking Adults - If that's where your excitement comes from
Credit Cards/Debts - Just be careful
The South - Whatever
Causes of the Civil War - The North threw a hissy fit over stuff the south was doing and illegalised it, the south threw a hissy fit over the north's hissy fit and illegalization so they left the USA, and then the north threw a hissy for over the south's hissy, and started blowing them to hell until they came home.
Fat People/Skinny People - Your body is your problem. Their body is their problem. Leave them be
Guns - Don't illegalise, but there needs to be some limitations
Kid does something stupid - That's a shocker
Asian Americans in film/TV - Why not?
Christianity - You do your thing and I'll do mine.
Atheism - As oxymoronic as it sounds, we operate on faith too. We just operate on the faith that there is nothing to believe in.
Tasers - Dangerous when used incorrectly
Police procedures - with oversight
Star Wars Prequels - Good story, cool action, the dialouge made me want to cry.
Drinking Pee in the Shower - .....No
nuBSG - Love it, love it, love it!!
Marriage - Why not
Abortion - choice but with limits
Trek Books - their fine
Before Dishonor - Didn't read
eBook vs Books - Books... ebooks hurts my eyes
MadBaggins - Somedays he makes you wish you could punch peoples through TCP/IP and other days he is highly entertaining. Hit and miss these days
Old BSG discussion in BSG forum - That always ends well
JJ Abrams - I like lost and have hope for Trek XI
The Side Boob - Why not?
Enterprise Being Built on the Ground - Does it matter? Really? It matters?
Moobs - ....No.
Parents v. Adults Without Kids - This matters too?
Stay at Home vs Working Mom - Families do what they gotta do
Sex Threads - Can be interesting, can be scary
Cell Phones - Useful
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