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One scene I will never forget is when Picard was reading the books on the MU Picard's shelf, working his way slowly back--and it all came down to one missing act of mercy in a book thousands of years old. Very chilling, that.
What do you mean? The alternate version of The Merchant of Venice? The divergence was much earlier than that, at least up until the alternate Plato's Republic.
I think it may have been the Iliad, actually--an act of mercy from Achilles that was omitted in the MU version.
Yup; in this version, Akilles kills Priam after the old man comes to beg to get Hektor's body back and give him an appropriate burial. That said, I don't think variations in literature (particularly one already so bloody-minded as the Iliad) can account for the MU's divergeance, nor do I think they necessary indicate when the timeline diverged. I think it's possible and I daresay likely that a civilization like this one would have no problem going back and editing classic works of literature to something more to their taste.

I love Dark Mirror; despite everything we've seen on Deep Space Nine and subsequent follow-ups in the books, when I think of the Mirror Universe one of the first images to come to mind is still Imperial Picard standing over his counterpart as he loses consciousness, saying "Ill met by starlight, indeed." Such menace!

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