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Re: Bridge Ideas/Help SS New York...

You're right about the C's, heh. I had two versions in my head, one subtle... one not. I drew the not so subtle and immediatly pretended they were much less obvious when my health and safety mind switched itself on. Looks good... but in action someone would trip, or centered in reality a camera op may not see where he's going.

I thought something else about sunken areas when I posted - less real work practical and more Trek world based... that it would cut into the deck below. It stemmed from a slight ship design obsession of mine which had the cut out cutting into a void of tech stuff.

With Down Periscope the sonar console is similar Voyager Ops/Tactical in it's positioning which is why I ditched it almost as soon as I thought it of. I prefer the console you have against the wall - and the door next to it looking very submarine-like.
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