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One scene I will never forget is when Picard was reading the books on the MU Picard's shelf, working his way slowly back--and it all came down to one missing act of mercy in a book thousands of years old. Very chilling, that.
What do you mean? The alternate version of The Merchant of Venice? The divergence was much earlier than that, at least up until the alternate Plato's Republic.
I think it may have been the Iliad, actually--an act of mercy from Achilles that was omitted in the MU version.

I do remember being very glad that Picard didn't even open the alternate universe version of the Bible. I believe I even thanked the author personally for not showing that.
Oh yeah, definitely.

Though who knows what Picard would've found. Heck, maybe the Bible would've been completely unchanged--but people's reactions were totally different.
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