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Re: Dark Mirror

I thought it was pretty interesting that the MU Enterprise-D does not have personal communicators for its crew, on the assumption that such things would make people easier to track down and kill (kind of like the Tantalus Field in TOS).

And the 'political officer' alt-Troi was damn chilly. God only knows what alt-Lwaxana must have been like...

Only thing is, I like the term 'Terran Empire' better than what that book had. Admittedly, the term had not yet been invented when the novel was written (it was first used in "In a Mirror, Darkly" - all other uses were just 'the Empire'), but it just sounds more badass than 'United Empire of Planets'.

Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post
One scene I will never forget is when Picard was reading the books on the MU Picard's shelf, working his way slowly back--and it all came down to one missing act of mercy in a book thousands of years old. Very chilling, that.
What do you mean? The alternate version of The Merchant of Venice? The divergence was much earlier than that, at least up until the alternate Plato's Republic.

I do remember being very glad that Picard didn't even open the alternate universe version of the Bible. I believe I even thanked the author personally for not showing that.
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