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Re: Kirk's status, new timeline- Really so far off? (Contains spoilers

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You keep assuming that all the facial injuries are from the bar fight. At some point, Kirk ends up out in the snow and ice, searching for Nero, IIRC.
The injuries we do see, do not look like frostbite.
Perhaps they are from his fight with Spock.

IIRC I remember reading that the scene where he finally boards the Enterprise is nearly three years after the bar scene.

Perhaps Kirk is in some sort of fast track through the command program due to his incredible skills and test scores, but his cheating on the Kobyashi Maru test really pushes some of the wrong buttons, and he left off the list for the active posting on some ship.

Perhaps the "Buckle Up" scene is even later in the timeline, years perhaps, then the rest of the film, as Babaganoosh has mentioned.
this is how i see it.
that the film is skipping around through periods.
we see him both as a cadet and later on after he has become at least a lt.
that what he did in the kobyashi maru could have cost him a posting makes sense.
it may also be a crisis came up and he presented a way to handle it that isnt even listened to because the higher ups are pissed due his cheating on the test.

which would explain why bones would smuggle jim aboard.
bones wouldnt do it just because jim wanted to go along but only if jim convinced him that he could be of help with whatever they were facing.
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