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Dark Mirror

I skimmed through this book (skipping the first third) and liked what I've read.(This would have made a good episode).

muDeanna Troi as the main baddie was pretty ruthless; muWorf was the benign character that befriends Picard; muPicard was a character I would've liked to see on the small screen. Beverly Crusher was the 'Captain's woman'...

Even muBarclay makes an appearance as the Captain's personal guard...

The Agony booth makes a return, a favorite of muTroi; and muTroi seems to use her 'mental gifts' a little more...i.e. She can tell if you're lying, if you're nearby, what you're dreaming about, etc. (And given that this is the MU we're talking about, you can never let your guard down)...

As one who thought TNG played it too safe, I like the fact the crew steps into a universe that contrasts their own. (Too, I like the TNG crew revisiting an aspect of TOS, something I felt TNG didn't do enough of).

I don't want to go into too much for risk of spoiling if I hadn't done so already (even if there are spoiler tags)...but I think this is a good sequel to 'Mirror, Mirror.'

Anyone else like this book? I think it's one of the best...
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