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Re: Sex, Speeding, Smoking, Trip Tucker, Drinking, Canon ...

Ok, since I can't sleep, it's my turn

Sex - Go wild
Speeding - fun! er, bad
Smoking - Bad but enjoyable
Trip Tucker - cool guy
Drinking - I'll have another
Canon - Good story is more important
Blu-Ray - Gamma Ray is far superior
Barack Obama - Awesome
Trek XI - Looking forward to it
Women's Rights - good
Men's Rights - good
Jennifer Lien - um, Fury, need I say more?
PS3 VS XBOX - xbox
Peeing in the shower - happens when drunk?
Gays in Trek - sure
Gay Rights - good
Gay Marriage - good
Urinal etiquette - as far away as possible, no talking, shake twice
Macs and PCs - both
Illegal Downloading - depends
Cat declawing - bad
UGO ads - premium member
Spanking Children - I don't like it, but I'm not a parent.
Spanking Adults - harder baby
Credit Cards/Debts - makes the world go round
The South - they don't like my yankee accent
Causes of the Civil War - lots
Fat People/Skinny People - mind your own business
Guns - necessary evil
Kid does something stupid - day ending in Y
Asian Americans in film/TV - good
Christianity - Dangerous in large doses
Atheism - Dangerous in large doses
Tasers - lethal weapons in the hands of idiots
Police procedures - with oversight
Star Wars Prequels - loved em, awesome story
Drinking Pee in the Shower - no thanks
nuBSG - best show EVER!!
Marriage - too many variables
Abortion - choice but with limits
Trek Books - don't read em
Before Dishonor - Tea and Cake
eBook vs Books - Books
MadBaggins - MOAR!!
Old BSG discussion in BSG forum - watching a trainwreck
JJ Abrams - eh
The Side Boob - always good
Enterprise Being Built on the Ground - don't care either way.
Moobs - manzier?
Parents v. Adults Without Kids - whatever
Stay at Home vs Working Mom - MILF
Sex Threads - fun, in a horrible trainwreck way.
Cell Phones - especially in supermarkets
Living vicariously through myself
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