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Re: Sex, Speeding, Smoking, Trip Tucker, Drinking, Canon ...

RJDiogenes wrote: View Post
Hmm, I like the idea of distilling Misc into one Post:
So do I.

Sex - Awesome.
Speeding - Bad.
Smoking - Ewwwwwwwww.
Trip Tucker - He died. Get over it.
Drinking - Not that great.
Canon - Canon schmanon.
Blu-Ray - What?
Barack Obama - He may be a Magic Negro, but he's my Magic Negro.
Trek XI - Can't wait.
Women's Rights - Good.
Men's Rights - Good.
Jennifer Lien - I could go either way.
PS3 VS XBOX - I don't do games.
Peeing in the shower - I've done it on occasion.
Gays in Trek - Where?
Gay Rights - Down with Prop 8!
Gay Marriage -Again, down with Prop 8!
Urinal etiquette - Don't use 'em. (It's why I pee in the shower.)
Macs and PCs - Macs. And PCs...with BootCamp!
Illegal Downloading - If you've got the money, great. If you're a college student with a 500 gig hard drive and two bucks in your wallet, who cares?
Cat declawing -NO!.
UGO ads - I don't see them. Because, uh...look! A bird!
Spanking Children - Bad period.
Spanking Adults - Ick.
Credit Cards/Debts -Do I have to?
The South - Makes great fried chicken. That's about it.
Causes of the Civil War - I failed history.
Fat People/Skinny People - Go with that's healthy/normal for your body type.
Guns - Awesome in theory, scary in practice.
Kid does something stupid - They're kids!
Asian Americans in film/TV - Snore.
Christianity - Meh.
Atheism - Now we're talking.
Tasers - Phasers?
Police procedures -Sometimes corrupt.
Star Wars Prequels - Terrible. Except some of AOTC.
Drinking Pee in the Shower - AHHHHHHHHHH!
nuBSG - The best TV show ever.
Marriage - Find me my sweetheart and I'm there.
Abortion - Choose, but choose carefully.
Trek Books - Stupid.
Before Dishonor - Whut?
eBook vs Books - Books all the way.
MadBaggins - ::
Old BSG discussion in BSG forum - Hilarious.
JJ Abrams - Don't know much about him.
The Side Boob -The sooner we get that here, the better..
Enterprise Being Built on the Ground - WHO CARES????
Moobs - No idea what this is.
Parents v. Adults Without Kids - Again, who cares?!
Stay at Home vs Working Mom - Stay-at-home, if at all possible.
Sex Threads - Better: actual sex.
Cell Phones - Don't have one.
"From the darkness you must fall, failed and weak, to darkness all."
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