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Re: Sex, Speeding, Smoking, Trip Tucker, Drinking, Canon ...

Sex - What's that ?
Speeding - Moronic.
Smoking - Smelly.
Trip Tucker - Should have been killed by aliens we'd seen before, maybe Romulans.
Drinking - Don't really care.
Canon - Only the movies and TV shows count. The rest is merchandise.
Blu-Ray - Looks great.
Barack Obama - Your lot's last chance, don't blow it.
Trek XI - At least "These Are The Voyages" won't be the last Star Trek ever made.
Women's Rights - Vital.
Men's Rights - Equally vital.
Jennifer Lien - Left so we could have a much more interesting character played by a much better actress.
PS3 VS XBOX - I have both.
Peeing in the shower - Eeeeewwww.
Gays in Trek - Too much of an issue made about it, it's as if Star Trek is the only show on TV.
Gay Rights - Also vital.
Gay Marriage - If people want to call themselves married, that's up to them.
Urinal etiquette - Never use the middle one.
Macs and PCs - Macs win, except for games.
Illegal Downloading - Until Hollywood understands that the Internet doesn't care about national borders, it will continue.
Cat declawing - Wrong.
UGO ads - Get Firefox.
Spanking Children - Don't do it.
Spanking Adults - Safewords, people.
Credit Cards/Debts - Be smart and safe.
The South - Is where London is.
Causes of the Civil War - It was Nitro who blew up Stamford, not the New Warriors.
Fat People/Skinny People - Eat sensibly.
Guns - Are no way to solve a problem.
Kid does something stupid - Adult did something more stupid.
Asian Americans in film/TV - Don't stereotype them, just like anyone else.
Christianity - Entrenched.
Atheism - The ability to understand that we don't know everything.
Tasers - Unsafe, dangerous, over-used.
Police procedures - Need constant, independent oversight.
Star Wars Prequels - Bad acting, bad directing, occasional silliness vs Good story, great special effects.
Drinking Pee in the Shower - Not in to watersports.
nuBSG - The absolute best show on television.
Marriage - Should be no business of the government's.
Abortion - A person has the right to choose.
Trek Books - Non-canon.
Before Dishonor - Today is a good day to die.
eBook vs Books - They are the same thing, it's the words that matter.
MadBaggins - His threads would last less than a page each if people were sensible.
Old BSG discussion in BSG forum - Welcome.
JJ Abrams - Someone who cares about what he's doing.
The Side Boob - Is one body part that gets focused on a lot more than other more problematic ones.
Enterprise Being Built on the Ground - I am totally unaware of any canon source that says it couldn't have been. All we know is that it was built in or in orbit above San Francisco.
Moobs - Are an unfortunate problem guys have that receive too much mocking.
Parents v. Adults Without Kids - A person has the right to choose.
Stay at Home vs Working Mom - If it makes sense for the mother to stay at home, then that's the way it will be.
Sex Threads - Usually prudish and less than open minded.
Cell Phones - Buy Nokia!
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