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Re: Sex, Speeding, Smoking, Trip Tucker, Drinking, Canon ...

Hmm, I like the idea of distilling Misc into one Post:

Sex - Essential, both personally and artistically.
Speeding - Suicidal and homicidal
Smoking - Suicidal and homicidal.
Trip Tucker - Nice guy. RIP.
Drinking - Twisted Tea is tasty.
Canon - Canon is only for people with high standards.
Blu-Ray - Loved the team up with Green Lantern.
Barack Obama - Not a Republican and likes Trek and comics.
Trek XI - Best outcome is probably artistic success and financial disaster.
Women's Rights - Well, they are Human, after all.
Men's Rights - Well, they are Human, after all.
Jennifer Lien - I kinda felt bad that she left.
Peeing in the shower - I don't even want to think about it.
Gays in Trek - Of course.
Gay Rights - Well, they are Human, after all.
Gay Marriage - I love Massachusetts.
Urinal etiquette - If there's anybody else in the Men's Room, turn around and leave.
Macs and PCs - Are there still Macs?
Illegal Downloading - Stealing. Go directly to jail.
Cat declawing - Cruel. Bad. Be kind to animals.
UGO ads - Poor non-Mods.
Spanking Children - Bad, if excessive.
Spanking Adults - Get written consent.
Credit Cards/Debts - The fuel that powers society.
The South - Must be brought into the 21st Century. Or at least the 20th.
Causes of the Civil War - Trafficking in Humans.
Fat People/Skinny People - Anyone who gives a person crap for their weight is retarded.
Guns - Something society must outgrow.
Kid does something stupid - What else is new?
Asian Americans in film/TV - Good, especially the cute girls who take their clothes off.
Christianity - Religion is religion.
Atheism - Rationalism.
Tasers - Better than guns.
Police procedures - Need QI like everything else.
Star Wars Prequels - Better than the originals, but still not so good.
Drinking Pee in the Shower - Time for mental health care.
nuBSG - Emblematic of the Reagan Era reaching the level of self-parody.
Marriage - Unnecessary.
Abortion - Must be illegal.
Trek Books - From the sound of it, they will be trying to usurp nuBSG's position of being emblematic of the Reagan Era reaching a level of self-parody.
Before Dishonor - No idea on this one.
eBook vs Books - Peaceful coexistence.
MadBaggins - He's Wacky.
Old BSG discussion in BSG forum - Well, it's BSG.
JJ Abrams - Loved Alias and Lost, not sure if he's right for Trek
The Side Boob - Sometimes, it has to do.
Enterprise Being Built on the Ground - Stupid, but acceptable as artistic license; there's certainly a lot worse to worry about.
Moobs - Whatever turns you on.
Parents v. Adults Without Kids - Adults without kids rock!
Stay at Home vs Working Mom - I can't seem to bring myself to care...
Sex Threads - Useless without pics.
Cell Phones - I gave up the Beeper. I have no desire to carry a freakin' phone around.
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