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Re: Bridge Ideas/Help SS New York...

Well, seeing as how I designed the ship I might as well take a crack at the bridge. Please excuse the crudity of this drawing, it's just fairly light pencil and this is as good as I could photoshop it without inking the whole thing and taking alot of time.

It takes a few of the ideas I mentioned before and incorporates some of the stuff from this thread. I kind of liked jamestyler's plan but I wanted to include some of my original ideas. I really think a ship of this era should feel small and crowded with stuff in the way. (Almost like the Russian sub in "K-19") Also, I imagine all the equipment to have sort a "drop-in" look, as if it would be a simple matter to unscrew and lift out any bank of controls. I don't know how clear it is in this scan, but I drew the control banks on the consoles with drawer-pull type handles on them like something from the space shuttle.

From front to back:

The Helm/Tactical station has one chair. Either side has a floor-to-ceiling column. There is a yoke like a jet liner would have. There are also overhead displays which hang from the ceiling. (In the 3/4 drawing, I've omitted the overheads for clarity)

On either side the walls feature cabinet type doors that hold emergency gear in lockers.

The port wall has the Science Station which would have one chair. From here, the sensors and scanners are monitored as well as any probes the ship may have launched.

The starboard wall has a very similar looking station but it is for Engineering. The ship's engineering functions would normally be controlled form the actual business ends of the equipment throughout the ship and would be coordinated from a central engineering area. This station can be used to coordinate but is normally just used as a monitor station, allowing the bridge crew to have a detailed picture of what the current status is of the various systems.

Aft of these stations on either side are doors. I imagine one leads to an elevator (this is too small a ship to really justify lateral turbolifts) and the other leads to a corridor.

Between these areas is the captain's station. He sits on a slightly elevated platform to give him a little better view of everything. To his left and right there are small consoles that display the ship's functions. Ahead of him, attached to ceiling is the "main viewer" or at least it's predecessor. It is more or less a good sized television/computer monitor suspended from the ceiling which the captain can use to do anything that the other Star Trek ship's main viewscreen was used for.

The captain can turn his chair around to face aft and he is looking at the "pool table". This is normally used to display navigational charts but it can be used to display ship's systems like the "pool table" on TNG's Engineering set or really for anything else the story calls for. The aft end of this table features a console and chair for the Navigator.

The aft wall is home to the Communications Station which is installed off to one side into the corner. There is hatch in the other corner which leads to a service crawl-way leading to the Dorsal sensor pallet and the radio transceiver equipment.

I suppose if you really wanted an MSD the place for it would be the starboard wall near the communications station. However, I feel that MSD's are not appropriate to the era, they being more of a Next Gen thing. Besides that, they really don't make any sense from a technical standpoint as the majority of your important systems aren't really on the ship's centerline. If you're really married to the idea of an MSD I suggest one that features a dorsal plan rather than a cross section on the centerline.

I dunno if you can use any of this. If you haven't settled on a design yet then this may be of use. Obviously this isn't a set of measured drawings or anything. Not knowing how much space you have available for a set makes it tough to design something that will work for your stage area.

One thing I was thinking was cool about the way jamestyler designed his bridge is the ribbed details on the side would make it very easy to have all the sections built to be wild. I was thinking that if you were clever enough in how you built the wild sections, you could make them two sided so it would be simply a matter of flipping the wall sections and a bit of shuffling to make most the sets you'll need for a Starfleet ship.

Hope you like it!

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