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Re: Sex, Speeding, Smoking, Trip Tucker, Drinking, Canon ...

Well, let me resolve all of these issues, right now:

Sex - Good.
Speeding - Dumb.
Smoking - Meh.
Trip Tucker - Decent Character.
Drinking - In Moderation.
Canon - It Matters. TAS should be Canon. Books aren't.
Blu-Ray - Who Cares?
Barack Obama - Rocks.
Trek XI - Just hope it's a success.
Women's Rights - Important.
Men's Rights - F*** this, this is silly.
Jennifer Lien - Kes was a mediocre character. Glad she left.
Peeing in the shower - I do it. Everyone should!
Gays in Trek - There should have been one on TV. A shame.
Gay Rights - Essential.
Gay Marriage - Should be legal.
Urinal etiquette - Leave 1 inbetween until there's none left, then fill in the spaces. No talking. Ignore farting.
Macs and PCs - I really cared about this, 10 years ago.
Illegal Downloading - Only OK if you wouldn't have bought it.
Cat declawing - Don't do it.
UGO ads - Irritating.
Spanking Children - Bad.
Spanking Adults - Usually good.
Credit Cards/Debts - Best to avoid if possible. If not possible, use sparingly. Pay off your debt.
The South - Sucks.
Causes of the Civil War - The South, sucking.
Fat People/Skinny People - Anyone who gives a person crap for their weight is retarded.
Guns - Ban 'em.
Kid does something stupid - Laugh but feel bad for them at the same time.
Asian Americans in film/TV - Let's have a couple more.
Christianity - Enough already.
Atheism - No, agnosticism.
Tasers - A deadly weapon.
Police procedures - F*** the police.
Star Wars Prequels - Miserable!
Drinking Pee in the Shower - I'm going to say no.
nuBSG - Haven't seen it don't care.
Marriage - Overrated.
Abortion - Safe, legal, rare - the best this can be.
Trek Books - Not canon!
Before Dishonor - Eh, it's just a book.
eBook vs Books - In the long run it's eBooks, for now give me dead trees.
MadBaggins - Don't have much to say.
Old BSG discussion in BSG forum - Let them have their say.
JJ Abrams - My fingers are crossed.
The Side Boob -
Enterprise Being Built on the Ground - If you care, you shouldn't.
Moobs - A necessary evil of life.
Parents v. Adults Without Kids - ZPG, people, ZPG!
Stay at Home vs Working Mom - Working moms rock.
Sex Threads - More please.
Cell Phones - Only for emergencies.

And there you have it, the proper opinion on every single one of these topics, conventiently listed so there never has to be controversy ever again. You're welcome!
"Every time we let ourselves believe for unworthy reasons, we weakon our powers of self-control, of doubting, of judicially and fairly weighing evidence."

- W.K. Clifford, The Ethics of Belief
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