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Re: Scarlett Johansson: Genre babe of the week #2 (Jan. 2009)

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Another generic blonde.
There are lots of those yes, she is far from generic however.

Um...I was making fun of people who always say that.

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I just greatly prefer dark hair (brown, actually) or red hair.

Blondes I can "do" but stark blondes like SJ? Eh. Doesn't excite me.

She just looks... average. The kind of woman/hottie you see on countless magazine covers and painted on the noses of WWII fighter planes.

She's hot, don't get me wrong. I mean she has FANTASTIC curves on her, but in the end to me she's just another hot blonde and nothing special.

Net result: Sideways. A wavering, grudging, sideways but sideways NTL.
Oh, for frak's sake. Case in point.
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