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Re: Kirk's status, new timeline- Really so far off? (Contains spoilers

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^ I do remember an early spoiler that we would actually see both timelines during the film - and cut back and forth between them. For whatever the hell *that's* worth.

I remember something being said about the story-telling being non-linear, in that they'd be jumping back and forth in time, but I'm not sure I remember what you mention.

Also: did you notice that it's clearly Urban's profile seen in the picture and not that of Quinto?
I have the feeling -- as others have said in other threads -- that the "Bob Orci Quantum Theory explanation" is simply a de-facto "outside-the-film" explanation to fans for why things will be different. I don't think the movie will even mention two alternate realities as an "in-universe" plot point. Changing the future by going into the past, yes -- but not two alternate realities.
Yeah, I got the impression he was simply explaining part of how he arrived at the idea for the story, not that it was going to be something we'd see spelled out in excruciating detail on screen. But the thing I mentioned about non-linear story-telling was from months ago -- long before the "Orci's Awesome Quantum Theory" interview -- and I got from Baba's mention of "an early spoiler" that he was also talking about something from earlier this year, possibly during summer or even shortly after principal photography was wrapped.
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