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Re: Kirk's status, new timeline- Really so far off? (Contains spoilers

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^ I do remember an early spoiler that we would actually see both timelines during the film - and cut back and forth between them. For whatever the hell *that's* worth.

I remember something being said about the story-telling being non-linear, in that they'd be jumping back and forth in time, but I'm not sure I remember what you mention.

Also: did you notice that it's clearly Urban's profile seen in the picture and not that of Quinto?
I have the feeling -- as others have said in other threads -- that the "Bob Orci Quantum Theory explanation" is simply a de-facto "outside-the-film" explanation to fans for why things will be different. I don't think the movie will even mention two alternate realities as an "in-universe" plot point. Changing the future by going into the past, yes -- but not two alternate realities.

Because of Orci's "out-of-film" explanation, some of us fans may think we have a greater level of understanding for the film's plot, but to the casual fan who knows nothing about the film before seeing it, the fact that Orci said there are two alternate universes will be irrelevant, because that fact probably IS irrelevant to the story being told.

Abrams did this a lot with "Cloverfield". Due to the viral marketing campaign, there were things that a close obsever of the viral marketing could pick up in the film, such as the meaning of the object falling in the water at the end of the film. But to most people who only saw the film (and not the viral campaign), those extra items meant nothing, nor did being ignorant to the existence of these items detract at all from the film's story.

I think Orci's "Quantum Physics" explanation is simply for the sake of the fans and has nothing to do with the actual story in the film. The film will only show one universe -- albeit we may be told that Nero somehow "changed the future" of this universe.
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