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Costume for New star Trek movie!

Hello all!

My sister, brother and I were all raised on star trek - original series and TNG. Thus, we are going to the opening showing of the new movie coming out in may! We are all complete trekkies and want to wear costumes accordingly. We'd like to wear Original series costumes - just simple Kirk tunics would suffice. We have our Vulcan ears and we're doing our hair and eyebrows etc. etc. (I'm so excited! ) ...*cough* erm, anyway. I do sew, bust I mostly make a mean quilt or simple tube skirt. I never could figure out sleeves much, and it's been a while since I've done anything so I am a bit rusty, but I think I could pull something off with good instruction (and pictures!). Does anyone know where I could find some directions to making one? Patterns for these are expensive and all 3 of us vary much in size. Any website or video would be VERY useful.

Thanks much in advance!

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