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Re: What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

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Yet again you're not providing any proof that the Joker gave away inaccurate infomation because he didn't know the truth.
That would be because I wasn't arguing the point, I was simply stating that that's my opinion. If you disagree with it, fine, but there's nothing in the film that precludes it, and I happen to think that if The Killing Joke, one of the many comic sources Nolan and Co. drew upon in making the film, establishes that he has an unreliable memory, then I'll go with that. You're welcome to another interpretation, but I don't share it.

The point that I did argue was whether or not an individual who unknowingly conveys inaccurate information can be reasonably said to have lied, but that was tangential.

And we're not the same page at all, you claimed he improvised the things he did,
No. Re-read my post: I claimed that he has short-term plans but not long-term "big picture" plans. You essentially said the same thing. It was just a matter of how we were phrasing it.
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