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Re: If You Could Re-Imagine the Constitution-Class Refit...

Well, in that case, either you're going to LOVE or hate my update to it. I changed the nacelles a bit to resemble those of ENT, I still am not happy with them, I liked the curvature of my first ones, but like the agressiveness of the new ones. Also, added some wing detail.

Oh, and I made the refit's nacelle pylon bigger, I always thought TMP's Ent had too thin plyons. Now they are kind like the Sovereign's, but I like 'em.

I think I might go back to the old nacelles, I REALLY have no clue what I want for the nacelles.
Oh... and in expanding my newest Romulan design, I figured I'd take it even a step further:

Oh, and they aren't to scale, I'm waiting to do that until I finalize my concepts.

Further updating:
I've finished my BoP, and rather pleased with it.

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