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Re: What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

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I thought the devlopment of Two-Face in this movie is very, very well done. If anything that's a "dislike" about TDK on two fronts. On the first front there's no "development" of The Joker's evil. He just is,
See, to me, that's something I like about it. I don't think we should see the Joker's development into the monster he is; he's not supposed to be a psychologically realistic character the way Harvey Dent is. He's an archetype, an elemental. He's Coyote and Loki and Mars and the Grim Reaper wrapped in one, smiling package.
I like seeing how the Nolan movies are sort of mirror opposites of the Burton movies in some ways. Burton gave the Joker one of his earliest origin stories but didn't go too deeply into how Bruce Wayne became Batman (other than the brief flashback where we see Jack Napier kill his parents). Nolan gave Batman a very thorough origin story in Batman Begins but no origin for the Joker at all.

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I think the only lie he told in the film was the lie about where Rachel and Harvey were.
Or he was honestly confused about that one.

One minor thing I didn't like: I understand that Rachel might have been a bit jazzed seeing how coolly Harvey handled the witness that tried to kill him in the court room. Still, "You're Gotham's D.A. If you're not getting shot at, you're not doing your job," seems a bit flippant from a woman who has already had one boss murdered on the job.
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