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Re: "Fury" Kes, a Mirror Kes?

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...and fans consider canon paramount.
Not all of us do, many of us are open minded enough to accept alternatives and discuss "what if" that is why we have a message board, to discuss "what if." We are NOT the ruling elite of religious order deciding which works are canon and which are to be rejected.

Please do not issue these sorts of sweeping general statements as fact please.
Agreed. If I only cared about Canon, I wouldn't read the novels. And, for me, the novels are the best.

The String Theory explanation is plausable; but I never really understood what the deal with FURY was in the first place. I guess I need to go back and watch it; but, at the time, it seemed plausable. Especially with her mental abilities in all. Can someone elaborate on the issues of the episode so when I watch it again tonight and I can look for those?
I agree that the String Theory explanation sounds plausible.

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We must also face the facts that it will never be any Voyager episode or movie and that those who ruined the character are not involved with Star Trek anymore. So if a writer presents something which might give an acceptable solution to the "Fury" problem, something that the fans of the character Kes appreciate, why must it had to be waved away as unacceptable because of not being "canon"?
I totally agree. If there is relaunch novel with Kes in it, I will certainly read it.

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Therefore it's actually natural to discuss other options who may be more acceptable for the fans who ind "Fury" as nothing but an insulting piece of crap.
I think we all should be allowed to talk about the ep. whether some find it acceptable or not. The board is for everyone to express their opinions, correct?
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