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Re: A Tale of Temporal Gifting (Dec '08 Challenge Entry)

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Oh intrigued as to why it's the CSS? What is the difference that caused that. Plus no Picard so is he dead? So many questions so many possibilities. Coolness.
CSS stands for 'Commonwealth Star Ship'

As for the lack of Picard, it becomes obvious when you think about it. (Something happening earlier in the TNG timeframe)
I got what it stood for. I merely meant I wonder what occurred in this timeline to make it so called and also intrigued as to how Picard's fate came about. Looking forward to reading how it is this time line is the way it is tho!

And what part Q has to play in it all. At the very least he must miss Picard so might like to rectify things to put that much right in the universe. But then again who knows why Q does what he does or doesn't.
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