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Re: Kirk's status, new timeline- Really so far off? (Contains spoilers

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Perhaps the "Buckle Up" scene is even later in the timeline, years perhaps, then the rest of the film, as Babaganoosh has mentioned.
There's no way I can see Kirk in command gold with captain's stripes taking place while the main conflict is going on. It wouldn't make sense. It's apparently urgent that he get command of the Enterprise from Spock and stop Nero. But after he gets command he takes time to get in the proper uniform? Or even thinks to get one? Unlikely under the circumstances. And pretentious and presumptive, too.

I'm wondering if that line could be taken from near the very end of the movie, after the conflict is resolved and Kirk has been officially given command of the Enterprise for his heroics.
Since he's saying it to McCoy, perhaps it's in response to McCoy making some acidic comment about not wanting to go through anything like that (the encounter with Nero) again. After all McCoy has a line in the trailer that makes it sound like he's not THAT happy about space adventures. So, it could be that Kirk has "drafted" McCoy to be his chief medical officer and stay on board ship. "Buckle up," could simply mean, "Get used to it, you're with me."
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