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Re: Re-imagining Dark Shadows

Have you seen or read anything about this 1991 remake/reimagining? They nailed it as an 'ultimate' to the original series if you ask me, only lacking in the fact that it was canceled before they could delve into other plot lines. They also tried creating a reimagined pilot for the WB network a few years ago.

As you also see, Johnny Depp is producing a new movie version for Warner Brothers with John August writing the script and Tim Burton directing. So we could go the route of predicting how they will reimagine it. Apparently Depp was a childhood fan of the original. (We all know he's a vampire anyway.)

Well obviously Barnabas Collins has to be a 250 year old secret vampire. Do we keep all the other characters? I think Victoria Winters and Dr. Hoffman are must-keeps, as are David Collins and Angelique.

EDIT: I see others beat me to it. Having David Collins be so important is a fascinating idea, auntiehill, maybe as the main perspective secondary to Barnabas and Victoria?

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