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Re: Re-imagining Dark Shadows

They tried to "re-imagine" the show back in--what was it?--1991? It had Ben Cross as Barnabas, and they were trying to make it Dynasty with vampires. It was not very successful, if I recall.

There have been rumors for years that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp were going to do a film version, but I don't know if that will ever happen. I don't see Johnny Depp as Barnabas, though. He's too pretty. Barnabas should, at first glance, seem very ordinary. His voice, his demeanor, his presence are what make him fascinating. There has to be that delicate balance of seeing him as likable, mysterious, tragic and yet also a monster. I also like the idea of setting it in the Northeast. If it's moved to the South, then it just sets itself up for a series of bad cliches.

I think it's also important to have David as a strong role. The boy's point of view is important. He can't be some weak mind little baby, nor can he be an stereotypical precious movie-brat.
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