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Re: If You Could Re-Imagine the Constitution-Class Refit...

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Well that's for your plans.
True... and I would be happy to defer to yours (or anyone else's) illustrations on this for the discussion if you are (or anyone else is) willing to share them with us.

Usually what we have is a lot of talk, but people don't take the next step to actually show that what they are saying works (and how). My sketches at least illustrate my ideas in a way that others can study, comment on and use (if they would like).

Granted, there are people (Cary, aridas, Warped9 and April are good examples) who I know well enough to trust their ideas without always needing it illustrated, but they have taken the time in the past to provide us with illustrated examples of their work too.

I would be happy to see your ideas fleshed out. And if you are worried about using some of the other illustrations of the Enterprise (such as Sinclair's or Casimiro's work) as a starting point, I offer any of my sketches to you. I have provided most of my work under a share-and-share-alike license to help others express their ideas on this subject.
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