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Re: What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

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- The fall from the penthouse - that room, remember, was high enough that a helicopter could land just outside in a busy cityscape. And he fell to street level and wasn't even winded - Rachel managed a one liner two seconds after landing. The film's single most ridiculous moment, in my opinion. And an easily fixed one two - we've seen him glide, why cant he grab rachel and then flip out his cape-wings? Still fairly implausible but better than just falling like a rock. Particularly when a much shorter fall with Dent kills Dent and nearly knocks Bats out too.
The cape did deploy, but it was only designed for a single user. It slowed the fall.

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- The bat pod was stupid. I'm one of the apparantly few who likes the Tumbler - it's not that big - it's about the size of a humvee, and I've seen people going shopping in those - but the bat pod was ridiculous. It wasn't even so much the bike itself that I disliked, but the way it emerged from the Tumbler, presented last movie as a real-world military bridging vehicle.
It's kinda like the Bradley Fighting Vehicle from The Pentagon Wars. Scope creep.

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- The endless Joker plans. He has more complex and multi-layered plans than Ra's, Scarecrow or Two Face ever did, and yet he champions chaos?
The Joker is a liar.
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