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Re: What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

Reading through this thread, I'm struck by the number of people who were disappointed with Dent's death. I can't understand this, myself. Yes, he was fantastic in the film, well played, interesting bad guy, psychologically fascinating, with a flair ('chance is the only real justice') which beautifully counterpoints the other major characters so far, good and bad.
But can anyone actually think of a decent way to use him again?
- His villain is marked by three things in particular - how he got half scarred, his coin, and his idea of chance being the only true morality. This film covered all these bases, what more is there to do with the character? Just watch him flip the coin for more people?
- His hideous injuries could never have been sustained. It was barely realistic he was walking and talking as it was, I think it woudl strain credibility a bit too far myself to have him hang around for months as the next big bad - by the end of TDK, he'd already be dying of a hundred infections.
- His death is necessary to the story, to the entire point the movie is trying to make about heroes. He lived long enough to see himself become the villain. But Batman sacrificed his own good name to let him die the hero.

There was no other ending that could have worked, imho. Dent had to die.

My nitpicks for the film:
- The fall from the penthouse - that room, remember, was high enough that a helicopter could land just outside in a busy cityscape. And he fell to street level and wasn't even winded - Rachel managed a one liner two seconds after landing. The film's single most ridiculous moment, in my opinion. And an easily fixed one two - we've seen him glide, why cant he grab rachel and then flip out his cape-wings? Still fairly implausible but better than just falling like a rock. Particularly when a much shorter fall with Dent kills Dent and nearly knocks Bats out too.

- The bat pod was stupid. I'm one of the apparantly few who likes the Tumbler - it's not that big - it's about the size of a humvee, and I've seen people going shopping in those - but the bat pod was ridiculous. It wasn't even so much the bike itself that I disliked, but the way it emerged from the Tumbler, presented last movie as a real-world military bridging vehicle.

- The endless Joker plans. He has more complex and multi-layered plans than Ra's, Scarecrow or Two Face ever did, and yet he champions chaos?
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