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Re: What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

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I just watched the film on Blu-ray and if you look a little ahead, there are vehicles on the road up ahead. The picture just cuts it off where the intersection lies. Trust me.
To be entirely fair, even if I were to accept your assertions, I shouldn't need to watch a Blu-ray Disc version of a movie to get the whole thing.

I love The Dark Knight, but the move down to Gotham's equivalent of Lower Wacker Drive is not an excuse for poor scripting and editing.
No, if there was a bigger picture, you would be able to notice the cars up ahead.

The acting commissioner in the film even said, and I quote, "The roads will be cleared along your route", and the flaming fire truck obstructed their route. They could not deviate to the other side of the street because it was not blocked. Diverting down to Lower Wacker was the only available option.
I'm a little bit confused. Are you agreeing that the lane on the left was free but that they couldn't use it because it wasn't along their "route"? As somebody else said, emergency vehicles in real life constantly use the 'wrong' lane if the other lane is blocked. So I don't think that should be an issue.

If that's not the issue, well, I really can't make out any other obstacle but the fire truck. I couldn't make out another obstacle at the cinema, I couldn't make out another one on DVD. The screenshot I posted is from just before the camera cust away, so I couldn't make out anything else in the distance (I was viewing on a 40" screen btw). And none of the other shots revealed anything but the fire truck.

I think my point, in the end, is this: Why not just have two burning trucks on each side of the street? The Joker has caused so much havoc, I don't think it would be much of a stretch to imagine him dumping not one but two burning wrecks at the heart of Gotham.

The way it's filmed now, the police just look silly and incapable to me. I just can't (literally) see a reason why they'd move underground.

I think it's great if this doesn't bother you or other viewers. I just think people react differently to these things. And it just totally stood out to me when I first saw it at the cinema and bothered me when re-watching. It just seems completely unnecessary to me.
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