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Re: What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

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Batman was a cop-killer by the end of the first movie. He must have killed at least a few of them by the end of the Batman Begins car chase.
It sure looked like he killed some cops in that chase, though there's no way he did, Gordon wouldn't be willing to work with him if he did, and the cops would of actually been trying to figure out who he is.

I would imagine that in the next one Gordon will continue to work with him in private since he knows that Batman didn't actually kill anyone, but they wont be able to work together when cops are around (like in the bank or at the jail in the Dark Knight).

The cops may actually set traps for him in the next film, though I imagine Gordon will warn him about the traps in advanced so he doesn't get caught/killed.

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One example is early in the movie when a fake Batman asks him what is the difference between them and he says "I don't wear a hockey mask" (which was a bad line in the first place, it should of been something like "I don't use guns" or "I don't kill people"). However I had no problems understanding 99% of his lines.
He actually said; "I'm not wearing hockey pads." His point was that he has the means to do what he does relatively safely and professionally, for lack of a better term.

Safely for him, that is, not the many civilians who may have been injured by flying shrapnel from the parked cars he blew out of his way while riding the Apple Bat-Pod.
Hopefully he'll get a less destructive vehicle in the next movie. Driving around in a tank just isn't safe for the people around him.

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The major problem I had was that the lawyer who found the plans for the Tumbler seemed to know that Bruce Wayne was Batman, which is essentially confirmed by Lucius Fox. All he knows is that Wayne Enterprise provides Batman with his technology.

Actually I think it would be far more likely that Batman is a average/non rich and famous citizen, but is just funded by someone rich, like Wayne.


I was also hoping that Harley Quinn would be in the movie, I was pretty disappointed the Joker didn't have her helping him.
Actually, it's possible that Lucius Fox gave away Bruce Wayne's cover. You're right. At that point, all Reese knows is that Lucius Fox is secretly providing Batman with equipment. It's Lucius that connects the dots for him by suggesting that "one of the richest, most powerful men in the world" is the same man who "spends his nights beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands." Your bad, Lucius! Take the shame, mate.

As for Harley Quinn, I still think there's posibilities for putting her in a sequel as an obsessive fangirl who sees herself as the Joker's soulmate. Perhaps she can even act as the Joker's surrogate while the Joker is in prison (allowing the Joker to have a presence in the film without recasting the late Heath Ledger).
Maybe they could even go with the Batman TAS origin and have Harley be an Arkham Asylum psychiatrist twisted into a female Joker by the Joker. They wouldn't even need to show he with the Joker, she could tell Batman or someone her origin and it would be believable. I do have my doubts she'll appear in the sequel though, I think they'll move in a different direction and go with some of the other classic villians.

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