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Re: Tentative Covers & Descriptions for Upcoming Summer 2009 Trek Book

The cancellation of the Crucible hardcover marks a disappointment for me, of course, but it had little to do with anything other than the harsh economic climate pervading the country in general and the publishing industry in particular. Contrary to one post, concrete information was available for the omnibus, including its table of contents, which I offer again here.
  • "Talismans and Spells" (new preface)
  • "The Potentials of Emptiness" (new short story)
  • Provenance of Shadows
  • "The Delicate Currents of the Past" (new short story)
  • The Fire and the Rose
  • "The Weight of Too Few Years" (new short story)
  • The Star to Every Wandering
  • "Into the Void" (new short story)
  • "Confluence, Enduring" (new short story)

I completed writing the additional material prior to the cancellation of the project.
Regards, David

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