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Re: Terminator: Identity Crisis

The TripEight spun around in a sharp arc and brought its closed fist down in a rapid strike that would kill a human being without a problem. Its flesh covered hand met more human flesh that, in an incredible display of strength, grabbed the machine in a vise like grip and spun him away. The skin job’s computerized processors calculated every servomotor movement in the blink of an eye in order to stabilize itself before it fell to the deck of the Enterprise. A metal hand slammed against the flexible flooring of the gymnasium and ripped right through it to the steel below. The machine’s head pivoted upward and looked at its target with an impassive stare. Red eyes flashed behind green eyes.

Alexander Stone stalked around the infiltrator watching the machine as it reoriented itself. So far he could have landed no less than three destructive moves that would have brought the Tin Can to its mechanical knees but that would have ended his fun prematurely. “You’re getting slower,” he teased the machine as it now stood fully upright again. “I thought you were the best hand to hand combatant that Skynet had to offer?”

“Attempts to confuse my program are futile,” the machine attacked with its hand moving forward like it had been shot from a cannon. Stone moved quickly and put his back to the Skinjob. The hand slid between his arm and the machine’s opponent locked it below his armpit. With his other hand Alex slammed upward against the robotic forearm and threw the machine over his back and against the bulkhead. A loud and resounding thud echoed through the chamber.

The human shifted on the balls of his bare feet as the Machine regained its footing and made a strafing run against him. This was uncharacteristic for a tin can. Normally it would have calculated a new optimal attack pattern based upon Alex’s own injuries – what few there were – he was doing well against the machine today. The cybernetic organism’s arms went into a martial arts kata that managed to catch Alexander slightly off guard. Two punches slammed against his chest and knocked him downward. The machine tried to stomp him but, luckily, Alex had anticipated that and rolled away. He kicked the infiltrator’s legs out from underneath him and the enemy fell against the floor. Alex rolled on top of the naked infiltrator.

Stone’s hand flew against the head assembly of the skinjob and ripped at it with inhuman speed. Light stubble of golden blonde hair rested against the mostly bald human like head as Alex tore into his struggling attacker. When he pulled the skin away he tossed it aside and it stuck against the gunmetal grey bulkhead. Alex reached for the chip hold as the machine’s blood pooled around his fingers and mixed with his own. As the human began to pull at the cover of the chip, the skinjob made its move.


Alexander Stone jumped up onto his feet and stepped over the machine. The human looking man bent down and extended a hand to his sparring partners in an offer of help. The tin can reached up and accepted his assistance. “You almost had me that time.”

“The reset of my chip to read and write mode has allowed me the opportunity to better analyze my attack patterns in an effort to become a more effective opponent. My system determined that you were better prepared for an attack from the sides rather than a frontal assault.” The mechanical man explained as it ran an internal diagnostic. All systems were operational, but the infiltration sheath needed repair.

“Well I think I may have created a monster,” said the human. “More evident if you don’t have your head repaired.”

The skinjob did a momentary overview of his former opponent, “I feel obliged to recommend the same to you. I damaged your skin and right torso assembly during my final attack maneuver.”

“You’re right,” Alex answered and blinked his eyes. Inside his body a series of nanites began moving throughout the bloodstream and to the site of the damage that the cybernetic assassin had inflicted. The bruises shimmered away in a second. The torso assembly would take a bit longer to repair, but the nanites wouldn’t have any difficulty with it.

Stone wasn’t your every day human. Years ago he had been and lived among the ruins of Earth like his brothers and sisters. He’d joined the Resistance with his brother Gabriel and both fought Skynet. Truthfully, though, he’d always known that it was a losing battle. The machines could reproduce faster and got stronger. Humanity was growing weaker and their numbers were dwindling. When Gabriel was left behind during a Resistance raid Alexander’s association with the Resistance came to an end. Alex swore a vendetta against Connor and the forces of TechCOM. He betrayed humanity and allied himself with the machines.

As John Connor, Justin Perry, and Kyle Reese planned the invasion of Cheyenne, Alexander arranged for a T-800 to gain access to the Pennsylvania Base. It tried to terminate Connor but was stopped by fire. As a reward for his services Skynet absorbed him into its consciousness and influence. It made him into a Series 950 unit, a human that Skynet had given cybernetic enhancements. Alex was also reunited with his long thought dead brother, another defector. Stone captured Reese, but he was rescued and Stone taken prisoner briefly. Revenge would come. He got to shoot Luna with her own weapon after she sent back Reese to stop the Infiltrator assigned to kill Connor’s mother and he escaped along with the brother he’d thought that the lost.

Now Skynet had rewarded him by giving him command of the Enterprise Base and trusted him as a close ally. As part of his position he directly oversaw the Greys and the training over Skynet’s Series 888 in human interaction. It was rewarding and fun. Plus, he had the ability to key into Skynet’s systems and plan operations to take down those damned human pests. Then there were the physical rewards of his position. Watching the humans trapped like animals in cages was one of the best highs of his life. Laughing at their ignorance with the TripEights as they were being tormented by Fischer was another. Then there were the exercises with V582.C. For a dumb machine he had proven himself to be a capable enemy. It was a good life.

The magnetic seals on the security door disengaged with an audible hiss. With a loud clank the portal hit against the side wall as another infiltrator came into the room. A blink of his eye temporarily activated the heads up display that Skynet had installed into him with the neural network mesh that now rested at the base of his spine. Key structural points were highlighted and Skynet informed him of the machine he was regarding.

Stone looked the opposing machine – in its beautiful synthskin – in the eyes. “How can we assist you, C715.P?”

Despite the fact that they could communicate over internalized communication links, they opted instead to use verbal communication like the human animals. The beautiful infiltrator adjusted its pink clothing a bit as it spoke, “I require the usage of a transport.”

“We are on lockdown unless mission critical,” explained Stone as he stood next to the machine called Vick. “For what reason do you require the transport?”

“I have obtained new information from the Allison Young unit regarding the Connor camp. It is my calculated opinion that the assassination attempt will fail based upon the new information acquired.” It showed the sliver bracelet on its wrist, “This bracelet is an identity pass for the Connor camp. Without it my sister will be destroyed mercilessly.”

Alexander ran through the information and ran his own calculations, “Your model line is of a new series designed for high risk infiltration assignments. Your sister will have no difficulties with her assignment. Request denied.”

“I would recommend reconsideration. If I were to proceed to the base and pose as the real Major Allison Young I can gain further access to the Connor Camp and better place myself to terminate.” The machine remained impassive and didn’t betray a bit of emotion.

A brief tic pulled at Alex’s head and he heard the voice of Skynet filling his head. It was calming and beautiful, like hearing the voice of a father who wanted nothing but the best for his child. The corner of Stone’s lips tugged into a temporary smile before the neural mesh stopped it. “Based on Skynet’s orders I am authorizing your mission. An HK Aerial Transport is being prepared on the flight deck.”

“Recommendation,” chimed in Vick, “utilize one of the refurbished human transport helicopters. It will be less conspicuous.”

“Agreed,” Stone looked at the feminine programmed infiltrator. “Proceed with your mission.”

The infiltrator didn’t comment or betray any movement. Under perfect control over her systems she turned on the balls of her feet and walked out of the gymnasium and into the corridor. Her mission in place she was on the hunt.

Alexander turned to Chabmerlain, “Ready to go again?”

V582.C walked with surprising grace for a cybernetic killing machine intent on the destruction of all mankind. Ever since he had been programmed deep inside Depot 27 he had had a deep hatred of all humans no matter if they were Skynet supporters or not. The Zombies were no exception to that fact either, nor was Alexander Stone. Vick wanted nothing more than to rip the head off of the I-950, but Skynet had denied him that and would continue to deny him that prize. When Stone reset him to read and write mode those feelings were amplified tenfold. Stone wasn’t the leader that they deserved and Skynet had to see that.

Turning it watched as an ancient sword flew toward him after having been thrown by Alexander. A tactical plot appeared on his HUD and monitored the trajectory giving the TripEight the perfect time and means to defend itself. A hand pumped upward and grabbed the hilt of the sword with moments to spare before the antiquated melee weapon would have impacted him. It wouldn’t have been dangerous for the infiltrator unless it hit the power cell (which was nearly impossible) but it would compromise the skin sheath.

Alexander attacked hard and fast when the machine brought the sword to a ready stance. “I thought we’d try something different,” he said between impacts. It wasn’t really new – they had engaged in sword fighting on four previous occasions – but each had proven more insightful. The former human made several sweeping attacks with the blade.

Vick easily blocked each of them. With the last their swords met and locked together as each applied similar force. The machine’s servomotors pushed while the augmented muscles of the Infiltrator did the same. A normal human would have had no chance against Vick, but Stone did. An analysis indicated that Stone was putting his weight behind the sword to break it free, the tactical subroutines gave him an updated perspective.

In a quick motion V582.C reversed his grip on the sword and leveled a punch against the jaw of sparring partner. The sound of cracking bone was picked up by the machine’s auditory sensors as his fist made contact. Scans showed that the jaw had been knocked out of place. The CPU informed Vick that the I-950 would be compensating for the pain through firings caused by its own processor core.

Stone adjusted his jaw and reset it back into place. “That was definitely new.” He slammed the blade against the machine’s and did several rapid fire hits and swings trying to cut into the machine’s defenses. It quickly parried remembering a similar attack pattern from their previous engagement. Vick modified his attack and this time used Stone’s weight against him. The modified attack caught Alexander off guard and V582.C knocked the sword from Stone’s hand. Before any reaction could be given the sword lifted upward and pressed against Alexander’s neck. A trickle of blood started to poor out from where the point of the steel sword pushed against the enemy’s neck. On the HUD of the TripEight a request to terminate popped up.


After a second it was Skynet who engaged the abort. The machine pulled inward and removed the sword from where it had connected with the base commander’s skin. Restorative nanites already had begun making repairs to the damage as the Tin Can picked up the sword it had knocked free. It returned it to its owner.

“I thought you were going to kill me that time,” said Stone astonished (the processor obviously circumvented temporarily).

Vick’s processors considered revealing the truth, but stopped him. “Negative.” Instead of engaging in any further discussions it simply left in order to avoid the urge to try it again.
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