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Re: What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

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The only thing that bugs me every time I watch the film is at the end of the bank robbery scene, where the Joker drives the bus out of the bank, surely someone must stop and think "hey, that ain't right!!". Just seemed jarring. Otherwise, I thought the film was brilliant. Well except for the final sonar scene, which confused me in the cinemas, but played out better at home.
And why Fitchner's bank/liquor store manager didn't simply reach up and pull the smoke-gernade out of his mouth with his unbound and perfectly functional arms and hands.

(And wouldn't the smoke gernade have made all the hostages pass out and and thus their explosive gernades would go off?

But, yeah, you'd think SOMEONE would've noticed the bus that was backed into a building pulling into the line of busses. It was terribly convenient, too, that those busses were going by just as the Joker pulled his out.
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