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Re: A Tale of Temporal Gifting (Dec '08 Challenge Entry)


18 December 2368
The 2 Enterprises dropped out of warp near Memory Alpha.

“I am reading the normal amount of subspace radio activity. The disruption has not occurred as of yet” Data said from one of the science stations.

I concurr” Yolanda Hernandez said, from the other Enterprise.

“Thankyou Data. Now we find ourselves with the task of locating the Section 31 operative before she unleashes those viruses. It is like a needle in a haystack” Riker said.

You have informed the authorities on Memory Alpha haven't you?” Captain Walker asked.

“Starfleet Command has given me orders to only inform a few people, in fear of creating a panic that would also change the timeline” Riker said.

That is a wise move” the Enterprise F first officer Natima Dacet said. It had come as a bit of shock to Riker to find out that the other Enterprise's first officer was a Cardassian. It was still a bit of a shock, but he took that to indicate that relations between the Commonwealth and the Cardassian Union will improve.

“I have imformed a few people. They will be helping us in trying to locate the operative” Riker said.

We will be sending a team down in 5 minutes” Captain Walker said.

“As will we” Riker said.

Memory Alpha – That same time.
In a deserted corridor, in one of Memory Alpha's many libraries, 2 figures appeared in flashes of light.

One of them whips out a tricorder. “I am reading no distruption in the Subspace Network, we have arrived in the right time” one of them said.
“Of course we have arrived in the right time Anna, I am never wrong when it comes to time travel” the other said.

CSS Enterprise F
A tone emitted from the operations console. “Sensors have picked up a momentary subspace disturbance on the surface of Memory Alpha” Hernandez said.

“Do you think that it might be related to the reason why we are here?” Captain Walker asked.

“It is likely” Hernandez said.

“Then maybe we ought to send the away team to that location” Walker said, hoping that was a good thing to do. She informed Riker of the sensor reading and her decision.

Memory Alpha
2 away teams, one from each Enterprise, materialised in a library corridor. “The sensor reading originated in a corridor perpendicular to this one, about 20 metres to the north” Hernandez said.

“Proceed” Data said. The combined teams moved out, with Hernandez leading point with her tricorder.

“I am reading one human lifesign in the area. It may be the operative” Hernandez said.

“Phasers at the ready” Data said. Most of the people in the teams armed themselves, including Allenby. They then walked slowly towards where Hernandez had indicated. They didn't know what to expect. They certainly did not expect to see what they saw next.

Instead of 1 person, they saw 2.

“Q!?” Allenby said. For indeed it was Q, in his familiar human form, although he wasn't wearing a Starfleet uniform. (Instead wearing clothes with Hawaiian motifs)

“Yes, Kezza and both sets of Enterprise crewmembers. It is I” Q said.

“Do you have anything to do with the operative from the Enterprise F's time period who is attempting to change the progression of the timeline?” Data asked.

Q gestured to himself “Moi? No Data, I am here as an observer. And as transport for Anna here, who is from further in your future than the Enterprise F and has discovered something that you need to know”

'Anna' stepped forward from beside Q. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Anna Jones, from over a decade in the Enterprise F's future, and the plan that you have come to Memory Alpha to foil is part of a greater plan to change the history of the Commonwealth”

“It is?” Allenby asked. “But that makes this situation even more complex” she said, slightly dejectedly.

“I concurr with you assessment Miss Allenby” Data said. He then turned to Anna Jones. “Do you know where we can find the operative who is planning to release the malware?”

“I was attempting to locate the operative even as you walked up. I haven't found her yet though” Anna said.

“I suppose that Q might know” Worf said.

“I can find her and take you there but I cannot interefere any further” Q said, he refrained from using his usual appelation for the Klingon as said Klingon needed to be focused on the task at hand.

Data and Hernandez contacted their respective Enterprise's, informing Riker and Walker of the situation with Q and what would happen next. Both Captains agreed, athough they had reservations about Q's motivations, and then Q flashed the group to the location of the Section 31 operative...

Finally she was alone. The computer lab was empty, after the last of the students studying at the Commonwealth Interstellar University Memory Alpha Campus had left, it being after midnight in this time zone.
“Now I can release the malware” she said. She interfaced her portable computer (PorComp) with the workstation she was at. The workstation then showed the Subspace Network Traffic in the vicinity of Memory Alpha. It showed hundreds of millions of messages going to and fro, as well as the traffic through the Memory Alpha nodes and servers of the Commonwealth's Online Information Network (COINet).

She then opened another program on her PorComp. A window opened, and a message flashed up on the screen.

Are you sure you want to release malware?

Just then the Enterprise away teams were flashed in.
“There she is!” Allenby said.

Without hesitation the operative pressed 'Yes'. She put the the PorComp down and produced a phaser. “You are too late! The viruses and other malware have been released!”

Worf and T'Shala brandished their phasers. “You are under arrest!” Worf said. Data accessed one of the vacant work stations and then went to work attempting to combat the malware. All this occurred in just a few seconds.

“You cannot get away with this!” Anna said.

“Oh, but I have, and your future is about to change” the operative said. She picked up the PorComp again and pressed a button. A transporter beam took her.

“Leftler to Enterprise D, can you track that transporter beam?”

In orbit, there was a shimmer as a small ship decloaked.

“Kadohata, run a scan on that ship!” Riker said. She ran a scan on the ship, the sensors detecting a human lifesign transporting aboard, and then the ship cloaked.

“Run a tachyon scan” Riker said.

On the other Enterprise Walker leapt into action.
“Run an antiproton scan” she said.

“Affirmative” the beta shift operations manager, Kellie Allison said.

The operative breathed a sigh of relief as she materialised on her vessel. She rushed to the cockpit and checked on the subspace traffic. She found that it had not lowered anywhere near to the level that she expected for the length of time that the malware had been released. 'Data must be counteracting the effect of the malware!' she thought. She didn't know what to do about that.
“Computer show me all available information on Soong Type Androids” she said. One of the cockpit screens began to fill up with information.

Indeed Data was counteracting the malware, with a small amount of help from the other members of the away teams, and Anna Jones. He didn't know why Q was just standing there, 'Observing' as he put it.

Inside the Cyberspace of Memory Alpha, Data battled the malware that was released by the operative.
One program was distrupting communications between various databanks on Memory Alpha. Another was attempting to transmit itself to Vulcan. Another was deleting files at the University. Yet another was embedding itself in innocent files to infect users computers anywhere in the Commonwealth when they were next accessed.
All these and more Data was combattng. Noonian Soong had designed him well. He had multiple windows open on the workstation and switching between different ones many times a second. He was also writing a program that would combat the malware by itself when it was complete increasing the reduction of the disruption effect of the malware that was released, and reducing the amount of timeline flux.

“Data is doing well, the Subspace traffic is hardly being distrupted” Karen said, to Anna.

“He is doing well, but the malware was still released, which means that there is now a variance in historical progression at Memory Alpha” Anna said.

“Yes, but it is miniscule compared to what it could have been” Karen said. Anna then conceeded that point.

The operative was still reading the information on Soong Type Androids when the computer beeped for her attention. She looked at one of the sensor panel. She could see that the Enterprise F's antiproton beam was moving close to her vessel's position.
“Computer move ship into a higher orbit” she said.
“Confirmed” the computer said. The ship moved into a higher orbit, out of range for the Enterprise's antiproton beam.

To be continued...

Yes it is incomplete, but I tried my best.
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