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I just saw 'Skin of Evil'. The Black-Soot Oil creature that killed Lt. Yar.
Why did they kill her off? Career-move? Anyone remember why she was let go?
Hey, trekjiro. I believe Denise Crosby felt she wasn't getting good plots as Tasha Yar, so that's why she was killed off. Of course, Tasha's character being iced gave Michael Dorn more screentime as Worf became security chief. If that hadn't happened, his character would've developed quite differently, I'm sure. -- RR
Thanks RRanger for the info. I was just wondering. I noticed some recent pics of her at some conventions. Even though she left, she still seems to appreciate the recognition as a Trekky.

I just completed watching Season One. I enjoyed it very much.


Naked Now

Where No One Has Gone Before
Hide and Q
Heart of Glory


1: Encounter at Farpoint: B
'Q' character introduced. Movie-like story in TV prod.

2: The Naked Now: D
Crew gets some kind of Sexual bug

3: Code of Honor: C
African-like people fight for 'honor'.

4: The Last Outpost: C-
1st appearance of Ferrenghis

5: Where No One Has Gone Before: A-
Wesley and the Time Traveler. Good graphics of time travel/different galaxies.

6: Lonely Among Us: B
Crew possessed by an energy-life.

7: Justice: "C+"
Crew visits 'Eden' planet. Wesley gets in trouble and 'god' wants to punish the crew.

8: The Battle: "C+"
Battle with the Ferrangi mind-sphere.

9: Hide and Q: "B+"
Q gives Riker Q-like powers.

10: Haven: "C+"
A Doctor Wyatt has dream girl. Almost weds Troi.

11: The Big Goodbye: "B"
First episode with Holodeck: Dixon Hill Private Eye.

12: Datalore: "A-"
Data goes back to home planet. Discovers his brother 'Lore' who is more human and evil.

13: AngelOne: "B-"
Stranded crew on Woman's planet. Enterprise must save them and also rid of virus in ship.

14: 11001001: "B+"
Twin Bynars take over ship to save planet. Minuet in Holodeck distracts Ryker.

15: Too Short a Season: "C"
An Admiral takes a youth syrum to try to negotiate for hostages from an old war mistake.

16: When the Bough Breaks: "C+"
Enterprise finds mythological planet that is technologically advanced but can't bear children.

17: Home Soil: "C"
New life form crystal discovered and almost killed on planet.

18: Coming of Age: "B"
Wesley tests for Academy against Morlock. Picard is scrutinized by investigation.

19: Heart of Glory: "B+"
Enterprise capture 2 Klingons on a remote cargo ship and try to sway Worf to join.

20: The Arsenal of Freedom: "B"
Weapons System on planet tries to kill away team. LeForge has to Captain the Enterprise

21: Symbiosis: "C+"
Enterprise rescues a freighter that held a shipment of drugs to a people/planet.

22: Skin of Evil: "B"
Oil-like Creature kills Lt Yar and threatens crew on uninhabited planet.

23: We'll Always Have Paris: "C-"
Picard runs into an old lady friend to patch things up. Her husband is in trouble with his time experiments.

24: Conspiracy: "B+"
Alien/Parasite invades Starfleets highest and try to 'convert' Picard/Riker to take control of Enterprise.

25: The Neutral Zone: "B"
Enterprise goes to Neutral Zone for possible confrontation with Romulans. 3 people from 20th Century discovered in Cyrogenic state on old space station.
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