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Re: The Next Generation Season 1

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"Home Soil" was another ripoff of TOS IMO. It felt very much like a poor man's "The Devil in the Dark". Even with this said, I thought "Home Soil" was a good first season episode. It just wasn't great like "The Devil in the Dark" was IMO.

To me, it's one of the worst season one eps. Not only was it a bad ripoff of Devil in the Dark, a TOS season one actor was in it. Home Soil is such an abomination to me, I've only seen it twice, but the actor in question, the guy who gets zapped by the laser, is the mindless minion that operates the deadly device in Dagger of the Mind.

Red Ranger
I understand.

But for me there were so many worse season 1 episodes that I kind of liked it.

However, compared to the typical S2 - S5 episodes, I will agree that it wasn't good.
Smaller. Brighter. Better.
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