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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

Have finished getting caught up with this story and I have one problem. Now that I am caught up I now have to impatiently await more.

Terrific tale. The battle plan has been laid out but battle plans count for very little after the opening salvo. The success of the battle will probably exercise the 'unnatural alliance' greatly. But by the smae stroke both sides may get an awful lot from the partnership.

Have to applaud the 'Hunter's Eye' explanation and indeed the way you used it to explain those god awful head dresses worn in The Wounded and lack thereof afterwards.

Just wondering though if anyone will break under the stress - whether Cardassian or a Federation member. I think it is a likelihood though maybe one later down the line. All involved are under extreme stresss and even duress in having to co-operate with their until recent enemies and for some like Faloni almost natural enemies. All of which adds to the tension and drama crafted here.

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