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Re: Bridge Ideas/Help SS New York...

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Not exactly a pro - but I spend half my life bored with a sketchbook...

I kept with the square design and an NX style console for flight control. With the squarish shapes it looks a little bit like a hybrid of Kira's ship in Shadows and Symbols and the Stargate USAF bridge layout with a few NX design elements.

Wow, nice.

I wasn't sure of size/scale and seems longer and thinner than it should (as well as very roughly sketched and photographed with a camera, sorry ) - the idea was to have the NX console in front of the windows, then a step up to essential consoles (tactical and something else script dependant), the captains chair overseeing that with the MSD pool table behind that with stand-to-use wall displays in the third section, blank at the back - possibly used for more displays or just something visually interesting/blank to keep cost down.

I tried to make a more 3d sketch, but floor plans are far easier

It's not far off an idea I had for a similar 25th century concept. Just more squared and less technicalistic.
i like the whole technicalistical aspect.....

I have no idea why my auto spellchecker didn't tell me techincalistic wasn't a word...
well thanks to you, it's a word now....

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