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Re: Cannonising the Kelvin

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1. Having a 0 in front of the registry number actaully makes it UNCANNON!
Name 4 canon ships with an 0 as the first number s there registry!
Wrong. Whether something is part of the official "Star Trek" continuity - which folks insist on calling "canon" - has not a thing to do with whether it is consistent with other parts of the official continuity. The only working definition of "canon" is that a thing appears in a live-action "Star Trek" TV series or movie produced by Paramount.

What you mean is that the leading "0" makes it inconsistent with other registries. Well, a lot of things in Trek canon are inconsistent with other things in the canon. This will just be one more.

You opinions are fine, but I see it like this: as the Kelvin is one of the only half decent things in the new fim,(and is liked more then the new Enterprise) it deserves to be canonised.
What is and isn't "canon" is not a matter of my opinion or yours. Paramount is the only entity that can define it, and they define it haphazardly and for their own convenience.

Everything in the new "Star Trek" film will be part of the official Trek canon. People don't have to like that or approve of it for it to be so.

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Star Trek canon – The mechanism by which certain people fulfill their desperate need to separate what is “real” from what isn’t in the Star Trek universe while totally ignoring the fact that all of it is made-up.
Star Trek canon - a point for arguments by which certain people attempt to assert authority which they don't actually possess to determine...well, to determine nothing that's really at all important.

After all, no matter how tightly someone feels they've argued in favor of or against including a factoid in whatever they consider to be the "Star Trek universe" any other person is entirely free to ignore their argument - as Samuel T. Cogley's response points out.

There are many things which are canonical parts of Paramount's official "Star Trek" productions, and all that means is that those things will be used or referred to in future by producers and writers and designers to the extent that they have a use for them and/or the extent to which the studio insists that they should be part of a production.
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