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Re: Cannonising the Kelvin

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The "twisted" aspect I was referring to was the citing of fanfic and FASA material.
Ahh, okay. Sorry if I seemed a bit caustic with my reply; that wasn't my intent.

I've always had an issue with the concept of canon. I've read things in the books and the RPG material that make me think, "Man, that's pretty cool stuff. I wish this was considered canon!" But the limitations set by...hmm...actually, come to think of it, I don't remember who set those limits. Can anyone refresh my memory on that? I'm sure it wasn't just us fans; it had to be someone in a position of authority related to Star Trek that decided what is "real" Trek and what isn't.

Sometimes I wish Trek "canon" could be done the way Star Wars handles theirs. Their books are officially endorsed by Lucasfilm, making whatever is written in them "official" canon.

Sorry; I know I'm off-topic, but since we're talking about "canonizing" the Kelvin, the debate kinda goes hand-in-hand.
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