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Re: Cannonising the Kelvin

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Fine I'll just delete all my posts in thi thread.

Cannon ship with an Andorian captain: The Warshp Kumari!
Oh yeah and all the other Andorians ship seen in Enterprise. Well over 4 pal!

And there is no NCC - 0 registry in TOS is there?
But as mentioned before, there is a Zero-registry in Enterprise, and it seems that there will be some small details in Abrams' Trek that will bridge Enterprise with TOS, ie the mural of the NX-01 and references to "Admiral" Archer. If we're talking about canon, then that means there would be some precedence from ENT to TOS, even if it's a retcon.

For that matter, the only major starship class we see in TOS is the Constitution class, but does that automatically mean there were no other major classes back then? I think not.
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