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Re: Cannonising the Kelvin

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1. Having a 0 in front of the registry number actaully makes it UNCANNON!
Wrong, being on screen makes it canon, this is not open for discussion, it's a fact.

Name 4 canon ships with an 0 as the first number s there registry!
There's the Kelvin! But it doesn't really matter, name 4 canon ships that had an andorian captain. Let me: There are none! But that doesn't mean that there are no andorian captains in starfleet and that an andorian captain, who might show up in the future needs to be "canonised" by fans.

2. You opinions are fine, but I see it like this: as the Kelvin is one of the only half decent things in the new fim,(and is liked more then the new Enterprise) it deserves to be canonised.
It is canonised, because it appears in the movie.

Aren't those DS9 kitbashes canon?
Yes, but only because they were on screen, not because they appeared in fanfics or fanart.

It is the only officail known Earth- Romulan war ship, and there are gaps in FASA which in the opinon of Ken Thompson Jr. He actually helped me with this because he agreed. He's even placing an avery class ship in Starship Saladin!
Nothing of this is official and has no place in a discussion about canon. Who is Ken Thompson Jr. anyway and why should anyone give a rat's ass that he agrees with you?
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